How does your Home Rate?
Living better- Using Less

John MacDonald is a certified Energy Advisor trained by Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) offering Energy Audits on your home. Take advantage of Federal and Provincial grants for making your home more environmentally friendly. Whether you are looking to improve insulation, window, doors, furnaces or airconditioners, or you just want to know where improvements can be made, an Energy Audit is necessary to be eligible for financial assistance/ grants.

Eligible Improvements :

Heating System
-replace exisitng with ENERGY STAR.

Ventilation System
-Install HVI certifies heat recovery ventialtion (HRV).

Air Conditioner

- Attic, basement, basement header, crawl space

Windows/ Doors
- install ENERGY STAR to qualify

Air Sealing
- improve air tightness of home to target.

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